Sunday, January 24, 2016

Clean up Day!

I don't have any cards for you today because we got hit with a big snowstorm yesterday. I'm sure most of you have read or heard about it by now but I have a few photos to give you an idea of how much snow we have to clean up!
{click on photos to enlarge}

This picture was taken yesterday while the snow was falling at the rate of 3 inches per hour. In the distance is my neighbor across the street trying to keep his driveway open. You can see the snow on our shrubs breaking and falling off the side as the winds were howling with blizzard conditions.

This picture was taken of our back deck early this morning after it stopped snowing. The snow on our deck was thigh-high and nearly covered the middle railing.

 My husband decided to bring the snowblower up on the deck to clear it off since it was so deep, but he had to dig out the covered gas grill that you see on the left.

Here's my better half blowing the snow off the deck.

Here you can see him walking down through the yard to the driveway. Check out how deep the path is where he's walking! It's a shock to see this and realize that nearly one month ago it was 73 degrees! LOL

Thanks to some great neighbors who cleared our driveway, sidewalk, and the plowed snow from around our mailbox - we were spared a lot of heavy-duty work this time around and only had to do the deck. Did I hear a report that more snow may be on the way again next week? Sorry, I'm not listening!!

We're grateful that we didn't lose power during this blizzard, but a lot of folks did, and I hope they have everything restored quickly!

Stay warm where you are!



Barb said...

Oh goodness Carol that is alarming. We have seen photos on our news programmes here in the UK. I'm glad to hear you've kept your power and how kind of your neighbours to lend a hand. You and hubby stay warm and safe. Barbxx

Daffodil Cards said...

OH! WOW! saw it on the news, hope you keep warm and safe.

It's going to travel to the UK in the next couple of days, however it's going to fall as RAIN! Look out I hope it's not going to flooding again.

Sue from Oregon said...


Stampsnob. said...

I don't want to see this I feel really sorry for all who have it , I could but don't even complain about the chill here in Florida ....Keep warm and safe ................lis

jimlynn said...

Oh my word in heaven!!!!!!!!!! I love looking at snow and am always wanting some down here but my goodness....that's a little too much! Thank goodness for the snow blower I know - and neighbors that helped to clear some of it too. Unreal looking - but I know it's beautiful too. You're probably just wishing you were seeing that beauty elsewhere.
So glad y'all are ok Carol. Thinking about you.

scrAPpamondo said...

Oh, Carol!!! This is incredible! How many inchs of snow!!!
I'm very impressed by yours photos!! I can see well the thickness behind the glass in your second photo! You have been so lucky to haven't lost the power in this storm!
Hope that the storm didn't come again!!!
Warm hugs, my friend! Take care of yourself!

Mary Anne / MA54K said...

The cleaning is finally complete here! Wasn't that fun. Jim just put his feet up. He dug out 3 older neighbors plus us... He deserves an afternoon of football for sure! That Butch is a smart man to get the blower onto the deck. Our blower is too big, so the deck will wait. Stay warm, my friend!

Cathy said...

Amazing pics Carol, thank goodness you still had power and wonderful neighbours to help clear the snow. That snow blower looks like an amazing gadget! I hope the weather improves soon, Cathy x

cotnob said...

Wow! You certainly did have a lot of snow Carol, it does look beautiful though.
Take care and keep warm.

Donna Hanley said...

wow your yard looks like our did last year. Glad you got some help with the biggest part. Even doing the deck is tough enough. We only ended up with about 6 inches, which to Jack is nothing now a days. He still had fun doing the neighbor's driveways after ours. LOL You be safe and even though you are not listening, yes we are suppose to get more next week.

scrappymo! said...

Oh my goodness, Carol. Hope you are both safe and warm.
We used to live in the Koorenay area of BVC and had snow like that in the winter. It could get to 40 below zero so I know how much work your husband went through to clear all that snow! Good thing he has the snow blower!

Judy Corner said...

I have been thinking of you all in USA having seen it on the news.. From your photos it reminds me of the snow we used to get when we were children here in UK. Keep cozy and stay safe. Judy x

aussie aNNie said...

I know yu guys had a bad storm but to me it looks so beautiful especially when it's so hot and humid but hope you are all ok.xx

*Vicki* said...

Wow!! That is so much snow!! Stay warm and take care!! :)

Princess Judy Palmer said...

I just got warm enough to take my sweater off (with 2 other layers on) but now I need to put it back on. BRRRRR....! That's insane the amount of snow that can dump in one place. Just crazy!

Brenda said...

Boy, these pictures are eerily familiar Carol! I am so happy that others came to help you and the Mister out! That snow was heavy, I know, I just did a little shoveling in the front porch area and oil pipes and my back is hurting! Thank God the fella's took care of the rest of it for me. I am so happy too, that ya'll didn't lose power. We could have, but didn't either. So happy about that. It's the small things. lol And no, I'm not listening either about any other storms!!!! Bring spring on! Sad, but people are still digging out and will be for quite a while and sad for the 30 deaths this storm took. Hugs, Brenda

MaryH said...

Am so thankful ya'll didn't lose power. You sure showed me some SNOW Girl! This doesn't even look like fun to play in...just plumb scary. Glad DH was able to dig out the deck with the snowblower, and hope no sore muscles resulted that night. Also that all this weight did not damage any structures. Good luck, and ya'll be careful. Hope ya'll get the cleanup done shortly, and the nice neighbors keep lending a hand. TFS & Hugs

JD/ Jill said...

Great pics! Glad you didn't lose your power! I'm always so afraid of that too. We don't have a snow blower...but we are so grateful that a couple of our neighbors do. They helped to make a small path through our sidewalk so we only had to shovel our steps and clean off our car. We also helped several of our neighbors to shovel their steps and clean off their cars.