Wednesday, November 21, 2012

blogging problems

I'm having blogging problems and I don't know if it's a google problem, an update issue, or what's going on. I keep getting a message that my Picasa quota is full and I need to pay for more space. I've deleted some graphics to free up some space, and deleted yesterday's card and sketch graphic and now google won't allow me to upload them again. Until I get some help to figure this out, I guess I won't be blogging :)


LeAnne said...

I know Denise Willerton had that same problem. I'll ask her how she fixed it!!! Bummer!

Linda said...

Contact Alison in Texas...I think she had this problem.

jimlynn said...

How awful Carol!! I can't even imagine but surely someone out there in blog land knows the answer! Hang in there and you'll be back in no time at all I'm sure.

Rufus said...

Urgggggghhhh! How very frustrating. Sorry I've got no advice to offer.

JD said...

Oh No, Carol, I hope you figure out what's wrong...In the meantime, I want to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving...Blessings, Jill

Darnell J Knauss said...

Just popped in on Turkey eve to do some visiting and saw this, Carol.

I experienced the same thing, out of the blue, about four months ago. I blogged about it, I was so upset, I think it's labeled "blogger."

Anyway, alas, the facts were that between our Picasa albums of photos and the photo sizes on my blog, I simply ran out of my alloted "free" space from Blogger.

I spent hours trying to find any information on the Google and Blogger help sites as to what the heck this meant. What a joke those are. FINALLY, I found where you go! It's "" and there you will see your albums and at the bottom, your "useage." When I first got popped about this, I was at 68%.

I cleaned out my trash in gmail and resized and deleted pictures from my early blog days and then kept going. But three months later, I checked again and I was at 97%, no warning. Yikes.

So, I found out that you can update your allotment and pay $4.99 a month for, I think, a whole Gig. I told Mister, screw it, I'm doing that. It's my hobby, it's my fun, and it's worth five bucks a month not to have to worry about it.

So that's what I did. If you don't want to buy it, you have no recourse (from my understanding anyway) but to delete a bunch of albums/photos from Picasa (tedious) or from your blog and then only use sizes small or medium when you are uploading them.

That's important because, if you only choose "medium" or "small" for the size of your photos, it won't count against your allotment. If you are happy with that and can do some clean-up, you should be good to continue for a long time. Just check that website every few weeks to keep an eye on your useage.

But if you use "large" size photos, which are more pleasing to view (IMHO), that becomes the problem.

Sorry this is so long. I hope that helps you. Feel free to email me (address on profile page) if you have any questions or this didn't make sense.

Good luck! Darnell

Darnell J Knauss said...

PS I looked at mine to confirm that it the right web address and it says I have used 1.13% of 101 GB. I think that's more than what I said earlier (1 gig), but I'm not positive because I do not know about the difference between mega, giga, byte ... I just know that now I have a LOTa space!!

And that I hate Blogger because of how they don't let you know this when you first start a blog, so you aren't blindsided, and because their help site blows. (I hope they don't read this comment!!)

Let me know if this helps! All the best. Darnell