Friday, September 9, 2011

I Received the Butterfly Blog Award!

My sweet friend Mary Anne over at Lakeside Stamping passed this award on to me, and in receiving it, I'm supposed to answer some questions and pass it on. You're all probably tired of me answering these questions, but here goes :)

Name your favorite color - PURPLE!
Name your favorite song - Someday by Rob Thomas
Name your favorite dessert - Baileys White Chocolate Cheesecake
What annoys you at the moment - politicians
Your favorite pet - we had 3 dogs - a mini doxie and 2 chihuahuas, and they were all favorites
Black or white - Black
Your biggest fear - being trapped
Best feature - my sense of humor
Everyday attitude - easy-going
What is perfection? - nature
Guilty Pleasure - It used to be chocolate, but now I have to avoid it........sigh
When you're upset you - vent, cry, eat, retreat, stamp......all of these and more!

And now I'll pass this award on to some other wonderful bloggers! Enjoy ladies!!



jimlynn said...

Ah, thanks so much for this Carol! So sweet of you.
I'll have to see what I can come up for this one.

Shannon White said...

OMGoodness! Thanks so much Miss Carol! Really Sweet of you! You soo made my day I can't even tell you! 8-)

Thanks again my sweet friend!


Susan (rainy) said...

Congrats on the award, Carol! And I just had to laugh (and agree) with your "what annoys me at the moment" answer! lol

Marlene said...

Oh, purple is my favorite color, too! thanks for thinking of me!!!

Benzi said...

How sweet of you to pass this award on to 'little ol' me. Thanks so much.