Thursday, December 16, 2010

Thank You for these Awards!

I'm really late with this post and I apologize to these two wonderful ladies who shared these awards with me! The"I got Attitude" blog award came from Brenda of BenziStamps. I came to know Brenda on SCS and eventually got to know her better through her amazing DT work on the StampinB's challenge blog. Brenda, your thoughtful comments have always been inspiring to me, as well as your beautiful hand made cards! In receiving this award, I'm supposed to pass it on to 3 other bloggers who inspire me and reveal 3 things about myself that make me the person I am. I'm inspired by everyone I see in blogland and you all deserve this award, so it's impossible for me to narrow it down to just 3 recipients, but here are 3 things about me you might not know.
I love doing random acts of kindness
I love to sing when I'm driving alone in my car
I've had dreams of events that played out later in real life.

This stylish blogger award was given to me by Lyn of SpydersCorner. I came to know Lyn through her amazing free digital images she shares on her fabulous blog. She always adds a tiny spider to her images that make them unique and I just love her style. In receiving this award, you're to thank the person who shared it with you, share it with 8 other bloggers and share 8 things about yourself that you might not know. Thanks to you again Lyn for not only sharing this award with me, but for your generosity in sharing all those wonderful free digis with everyone! As with the above reward, all of my readers and friends deserve to have this, so please feel free to help yourself to it and tell everyone I gave it to you! Now for 8 more things about me you might not know.............
I love loud rock music
I can't read books - I always fall asleep 10 minutes after opening the book
I don't wear jewelry of any kind
I would rather still be working than retired
I don't have a cellphone (GASP!)
As Betty White said, I think Facebook is a huge waste of time
I've never seen the Sound of Music
I'm a morning person and can't deal with morning grumps :D

Again, thank you Brenda and Lyn for sharing these awards (and your wonderful talents) with me.
I wish you all a rewarding day and I hope everyone is staying warm!



Benzi said...

So interesting reading about you, Carol. I used to be a morning grump but have kind of gotten away from it as I have gotten older. I think I had rather still be young and have grumpy mornings. LOL

Thanks for the sweet comments about me. Have a wonderful day!

Velta said...

I SO laughed when I read your comment Carol...I am a morning person...and get up at 5 a.m. to get ready for work! What I would give to NOT! Congratulations on your award!

Denise (peanutbee) said...

LOL, my Mom falls asleep when she reads she just DOESN'T do all!

I'm on Facebook, but I wonder A LOT why the heck I set up an account. It is a time suck!