Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Easy Vellum Christmas Cards

I made 2 quick and easy Christmas cards with some scraps of vellum someone gave me ages ago. I made a promise to myself that I'd use the huge stash of supplies I have on hand before I buy another thing! So far so good, and it's actually been fun USING some of the things I forgot I had!! LOL For these cards, I simply embossed a piece of colored vellum with a Cuttlebug embossing folder and lightly sanded it to make it show up better. The sentiments are stickers I bought last year and never used. What I love about this design is that these cards will only require one stamp to mail, and I'm all for that!
Here's the blue version which is pretty much the same as the first with just a subtle twist on the sentiment style.
By any chance did anyone catch the Ladies of SNL show last night? I laughed so hard I had a hard time falling asleep after it was over! Kristin Wiig just completely cracks me up, especially when she does the Lennon sisters bit from the old Lawrence Welk show. It was such a fun night of tv for a change! Hopefully we can get a break now from all those hateful, demonizing political ads for a while, and if I'm lucky, my phone won't interrupt me any time soon with any more of those unbelievably annoying robo calls!!

I wish you all a wonderful Tuesday and thanks for stopping by.



LeAnne said...

These cards are lovely---those stickers are awesome! Yes, I did watch the SNL ladies last night and it is a good thing DH wasn't home because he just wouldn't have "gotten" it! I haven't watched SNL for years, but still enjoyed it, and the Lennon sister with the little tiny hands was hysterical!! I also liked the Celebrate Fiber day....too naughty!

Mary Anne / MA54K said...

I lik them in both colors, Carol! You are sure getting a good jump on your holiday cards. Hope the SB is coming along, too! Oh, and BTW, I left a little goodie over at my blog for you. Enjoy!

Silke Ledlow said...

Hello sweet friend! Sorry I have not been by much..life got in the way! Hope you are doing okay???

Love your CAS X-mas cards..perfect for mailing! The silver sentiments are a wonderful touch! Hugs ~S~

Wendy said...

Hey Carol!! Your post today made me LOL!!! I did not see the SNL show last nite but seen it advertized and LOL at that! I'm glad today was election day and all the political bullcrap will now be over!
Your cards are wonderful today! I love that your using up things that you already have. That Cuttlebug folder is so cute and makes that card pop! I have a friend who is in search of that folder. I told her I think L&L may have had it but not sure anymore. LOL But back to your cards...I love the colors and that you sanded the embossed image to make it pop on the vellum. Nicely done and the best part is it will be cheaper to mail. :)

Hope your doing well...

Anke said...

Oh Carol I love this folder, great cards.


Benzi said...

Very pretty, Carol! That is a perfect embossing folder for a Christmas card. Did not see SNL but I am with you on all those political calls...on and on and on. Ugh!

Joanne (jojot) said...

wonderful CAS holiday creations