Monday, December 28, 2009

Bring on Valentine's Day!

I need to get back to stamping and now that Christmas is over, I wanted to move on to the next holiday. I know Valentine's day isn't really a holiday, but there are so many things to make for Valentine's day, that I'm officially calling it a holiday!
I love making these little matchbook covers that hold a piece of Ghiradelli candy, so I made a few more. I used various stamps, colors and brads. I even used a few left-over snippets of ribbon that I'd saved which were perfect for these little gems. Instead of using cardstock for the insert, I started using coordinating DP which reduces bulk and makes them easier to close. People love receiving them, especially the little ones. I'm sure I'll be making more for Easter, St Patrick's day and many other special occasions!
My hubby and I are celebrating our 41st wedding Anniversary today and I just can't believe how fast all those years have flown by! What a ride!! We rarely make a fuss over the occasion because Christmas and New Year's day pretty much take the spotlight, but perhaps if we make it to 50 yrs, we'll do something special.......if we're still able :)
Have a great Monday everyone!



Silli said...

Hello Carol, your matchboxs are very cute...Love this so much! Big hugs and happy day!

Denise (peanutbee) said...

Well Happy Anniversary, gf!! 41 years! AWESOME!

LOVE your candy holders. I GOTTA try to make these, they're just SO cute!

Michelle said...

Happy Anniversary! I would say that 41 years is a major milestone! So I definitely think you should do something to celebrate.

Love the matchbox candy holders. Super cute, and what great little gifts!

Joanne (jojot) said...

Happy Anniversary....and what cute treat

Janine said...

Have a great anniversary!! Lovely cards too!!

Anonymous said...

OMGosh...I missed it! Happy Anniversary, my friend! Hope you & hubby had a great day....and 41 years! WOW, that's wonderful!

Love your little Valentine's candy pouches! Looks like your well on your way to being ready for Valentine's Day! :)