Friday, September 25, 2009

What a Birthday Surprise!!!

Today my husband and I are celebrating our birthdays and we received this awesome package from Heidi!! First is the amazing tri-fold card she created!! I've never seen anything so beautifully done!!! All those gorgeous flowers and beautiful Parisian Breeze papers! I just sat down and had a good cry when I opened this, because Heidi has not been stamping for a while and I was so happy to see her creating again!!!! She obviously hasn't lost a single ounce of her amazing talent has she? What a beautiful card!!!! I just LOVE this Heidi!!
Look at all these goodies she sent me?!! She knows my favorite color is purple and this beautiful little box was packed full of purple ribbon, buttons, gemstones, embossing powder and candy!! There's a beautiful pack of glittered Autum papers for Autumn, Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas, along with a pack of Autum ribbons to match! Behind everything you'll see some beautiful pink and wine colored cardstock she sent along. Not seen in the photo were several packs of adhesive refills too! Christmas came on my birthday, and I sure am lucky!!!

Here's the top of the box that Heidi made. She called this "black work".....something I never heard of before. There are tiny pieces of gems or metal somehow stitched into the pattern, and my photo doesn't capture them very well, but take my word for it, this is just stunning! Click the photo for a closer look and you might be able to see them. I'll have to check out this technique one day, not that my tired eyes could ever do such intricate details like this!

Here is the card and box Heidi made for my husband. The top of this box is also that "black work" I mentioned above and this beautiful little hinged box was filled with Dove candy! YUM!!!!
Heidi, my heartfelt thanks for your generosity and kindness with all of these wonderful goodies! You've made our birthdays very special and we'll always be grateful for your friendship. Most of all, I'm absolutely DELIGHTED to see you back in your stamp room again making cards and creating!! I hope to see more of your beautiful work again REAL soon!! We all miss seeing your beautiful cards, don't we?!?!!
Thanks for stopping by today, and make it a great day!


LeAnne said...

WOWZA! First, you & your hubs BOTH share the same birthday? What a coincidence! And look at that haul? Wow, Heidi really made it seem like Christmas in September! Have fun with all your goodies!!! And HB!

Silke Ledlow said...


What great gifts you recieved there - wahoooo!!! The card looks amazing!!!

Enjoy your day together!!! Hugs ~S~

Betty Wright said...

Happy Birthday, Carol!!! I am so thrilled for you to receive such a fabulous gift of crafty wonderfulness!!! Blessings for a great day and a blessed year!!!

JD said...

Wow! What beautiful gifts, and Happy Birthday to you...<---from Jill, who is embarrassed because I forgot your birthday :-(

Stampin' With Jessi and Rachel said...

First off...Happy Birthday!!!! Second what an awesome friend you have in Heidi! Such a pretty box and awesome stuff inside! Hope you have had a fantastic birthday!!! :)

Sue from Oregon said...

oh be still my heart...Heidi's creations are always PERFECTO! Hi Heidi!!! Miss you girl!

Murphy's Mom said...

You're so welcome, I loved creating everything for you and Butch, you're both so wonderful to me! You are such a wonderful friend, Carol!! Hope your Birthday's were a BLAST!

Murphy's Mom

Anonymous said...

OMWord, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you & hubby both! Hope you had a wonderful day!
And just look at all those beautiful goodies! All is just wonderful and we know you'll put all those goodies to great use, right? :)
That card is so pretty...i'd frame that! :)

Happy Birthday!!