Tuesday, June 2, 2009

What a gift from Carol!

Good Morning! Now, normally I don't post RAK's, for the reason that they are so very special to me, so personal. I love sitting and touching the cards or gifts, thinking to myself what made this wonderful person, who entered my life, send me something so spectacular? What made her think of me, of spending hours and hours creating such a fantastic treat for me?
This memory book was just too awesome not to share, made with sheer love, with memories I've shared with CAROL, with photo's we send back and forth. Carol has captured so many
dear and unforgettable moments with me, this book I will treasure forever, looking back at not only the photos, but the love, time and wonderment that went into creating such
a beautiful gift for me. Carol, you're my heart, my soul.
I love you, forever and ever!

This is the front and back covers, of my memory book. She created it out of a childrens book, then scrapbooked the pages. The detail on everything is incredible! Look closely and enjoy each page. I'm still finding new little bits and pieces, all added with skill and love!

This is the book open, tied with the cutest material! What a treasure!
It sits out, upon my living room table, which holds pictures
of all I hold dear. It will stay there forever,
for everyone who enters our home to enjoy!

Page one, hahaha, the memory of my Mattie, getting her nose stamped and markered, by our oldest Granddaughter, Ainsley. Of Ainsley and our Annie, opening a gift from Carol, and Ainsley having to wear her mud boots winter, spring, summer and fall!
My little Cowgirl, sweet "cone" eater, and flower picker!
Look at all the wonderous details! Stunning!

Awwww, our newest Granddaughter, Avery, born in April. Grandpa is so proud and happy and I'm just moved to tears, knowing I have another little one to show all
the cool things in nature and in life that await her!
Beautiful page colors, the papers are GORGEOUS and wow, the time it took to create this

Now this is a tear jerker. We lost Mattie in February, to a sudden and rapid illness.
Our hearts still break, tears flow, but Carol created this page so
perfectly, it brings comfort to our hearts and makes us grin.
Mattie's smiles always brought joy to us!
Carol's creations do the same thing!

Our Granddaughters with us, Ainsley a tractor driver, living on that vehicle when she visits, driving to see all the new life that graces our property.
Our brand new Avery, now a plump 12 lbs, in one short month.
There's nothing like being a Grandparent, it's the ultimate love!
Look at all the details on this page, it's unbelievable!
It's just beautiful Carol! We look at the book over and over again!

Here's my Dad, my hero. He taught me there was nothing I couldn't do.
I miss him so, miss that grin, miss his hugs, miss his love.
But he's with me always, he's a part of me, I'm a part of him.
I love you Dad!
Carol, you've captured Dad in the purest form, his love of nature,
his love of fishing, he flies high with the eagles, watching
over his family...

My love, my best friend, my husband.
The story behind this picture is awesome, but I can't share it now, I'll cry.
Let's just say my Dad gave Jim the greatest gift a man could give another...
A giant fish, love, and knowing Dad is still with us.

There is a couple of things I know about life. Love your family, hold them close.
And when you find a friend like Carol, hold on tight, never let go!
You're in my heart forever and I can't thank you enough for this beautiful gift!
I love you Carol, I love you!!!



Linda Beeson said...

Wowie, it is hard to comprehend how amazing that creation is! What a treasure and what a cool design.

Carol said...

I'm glad you like the book Heidi! Making it was pure joy for me - and thanks for taking the pictures.......something I completely forgot to do before I mailed it! DERrrrrrrrrr!!! :) I'm blessed to call you my friend and I love ya bunches!! Enjoy :)

JD said...

Heidi, what a treasure you received from Carol! Awesome! You can tell that a lot of time went into making that gift...thank you for sharing...It's very special!

Silke said...

AWWWW - Heidi - this is truly a special gift!!! Thank you for sharing it with us :)!!! I think I'd be crying if someone ever made something that special for me!!!

LeAnne said...

Dang, you guys are making ME cry!!!! What an awesome treasure....how cool you are so far apart, yet such wonderful friends. Love it!

Michelle (Lady2cu) said...

What a fabulous gift...and you know it's made with love. I happen to know Carol, and I can attest to what an awesome friend she is. I know you will enjoy your book...I did. Thanks for sharing. :-)

Denise (peanutbee) said...

Oh my goodness, what a fabulous gift is right!! WOWIE!!

Pat (mspfd) said...

Fantastic memory book! Very, very touching.

Deanna said...

I got to see this before Carol mailed it to you........it is beautiful.....you are both so lucky to have each other in your lives.

Anonymous said...

Oh Heidi, this is such a wonderful gift. I totally understand why you would want to post it to your blog. The love and the time this must have taken Carol is beyond my limit of talent and patience. How wonderful, Carol, to create something so wonderfully unique and genuinely heartfelt. Wow, you girls sure have a very special relationship ~ how wonderful is that!
Anne Ryan