Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Graduation Time

There's a funny story involved with making this graduation card. We were invited to a graduation party by some distant neighbors we don't know very well, and their son hand-delivered the invitation to us with the message from his parents that we are not expected to bring gifts, but just come and have fun and get to know them a little better. Since it's within walking distance, we agreed to go. I thought the least I could do was make her a nice card to mark the occasion, and as I was finishing this card (made in our local high school  colors), my husband walked into the room and asked who I was making this card for. I said it was for the upcoming graduation party we were invited to. My husband said "Oh no!! Her brother said she just graduated from college, not high school! What?!?!?! I called another neighbor who knows this family better than we do, and she told me what university she attended, so I was able to look it up online and get the correct school colors. Back to the drawing board :)

Here's the card I'll give her, done in her university colors. Thank goodness I found out before I showed up at her graduation and gave her a card with a different school's colors! I would have been SOOO embarrassed! LOL The path of my life is well-paved with lots and lots of those good intentions :)
I think she'll be pleasantly surprised because we've never met her and this was made especially for her. I'm glad I didn't put the year on the first card, because I can most likely make use of it next year - whew!

Thanks for stopping by and have a fabulous day!


1st card
stamps - unknown stamp from Michael's $1 bin
paper - red, silver, black, white
ink - versafine onyx black, versamark
accessories - clear detail ep, Cuttlebug decorative tiles ef, red crochet thread, silver cording, red brad

2nd card
stamps - unknown stamp from Michael's $1 bin
paper - Bassill burgundy textured, gold foil cardstock
ink - versamark
accessories - gold ep, gold brads, gold crochet thread for the tassel,square punch to make the banner ends


LeAnne said...

Good save! I am sure she would have understood, but now you have an extra grad card! Both are just wonderful...but the second one really takes the cake--or should I say, diploma!

jimlynn said...

Well, I'm glad you found out about those colors before handing it to her!! How funny!
Both are so pretty though. Love the design on the second card and those tassels are fantastic!!!!! Two great cards!

Donna Hanley said...

Two fantastic cards and I'm glad you can at least save the first one for someone else. I love the red and white thought. Your second card is stunning with the cap, gown, buttons and tassels. Only you would put all this effort into making a card (2 cards) for someone you've never even met. I'm sure it will all be appreciated.

Basslady said...

hun, your cards are totally inspiring and creative!
you are so talented!

hugs and kisses from germany,
silvi xoxo

Di said...

Close call there huh?! I was almost having a breakdown on your behalf!

To fabulous cards - but the second (real!) one is totally stunning. I think she'll be blown away by it Carol!

ugs, Di xx

Mrs A. said...

Thank goodness you found out in time! Both of these cards are lovely but especially love the one that you pulled out of the hat so to speak!! Hugs Mrs A.

Darnell J Knauss said...

Well, both cards are fantastic, Carol, but I know what you mean. I'm so happy you found out in time and this way she will treasure the special-for-her beautiful card you made. As for the other one, the trick for me would be to remember next year that I had this somewhere!! xxoo Darnell

JD/ Jill said...

Glad you found out in time. Sounds like something I would do. Your cards are really nicely done. I really like your tassels. How did you do them? Mine was terrible on my grad card!

NJ Stamping Queen said...

I love BOTH of these graduation cards! Thanks for the inspiration!
:) Marie

Paula said...

Great cards!!
How did you make the tassel?

Unknown said...

Love them both and your story!!