Monday, July 11, 2011

Sgt. Yarbrough's 1000 Card Challenge

I just saw this link on Jan's blog about one of our American heroes who is recovering after being injured in Afghanistan.

His family has launched a card drive to help Sgt. Yarbrough's recovery and they're seeking 1000 cards for him.

I know that there are lots of card makers out there who can easily help this family reach their goal, so I'm going to get started on this project right away and do my part.

You can read the details and get the mailing address right here. Click on the "home" button for the daily updates, and please help spread the word to get card makers involved!

Let's do this together!!


Benzi said...

Thanks for the post on this one. I'll try to do my part.

Elise said...

You and YOUR ablitly to make the world a better place through card craft just MAKE my heart sing - I'll check this out, for sure! xo!